Transfer of Personal Records

Moving More Than Personal Belongings

Transfer Personal Records

  • Arrange for closing or transfer of charge accounts.
  • Check personal insurance policies to see whether moving is covered. Transfer fire, theft and other personal property insurance to ensure coverage at the new home.
  • Obtain transcripts of the children's school records and credentials from school authorities or secure transcripts of school records, if you prefer to take them along.
  • Gather medical and dental records including vaccination data, medical prescriptions, dates of last examinations, history of past illnesses and so on.
    Ask your doctor and dentist to recommend colleagues in the new city. Be sure to check current telephone numbers and addresses of physicians, dentist and hospital, which will help when transferring your records.
  • Obtain letters of introduction from your church, organization, club, and business Associates.
    Transfer, sell or resign memberships in clubs or associations.
  • Report your move to any lending agency with which you do business. A lender's permission may be required to move personal property in which the lender has an interest.