Avoid Finance

Avoid Financing Challenges

Once we meet and review your finances along with your home buying needs, you should select a lending consultant. I can recommend several trusted lending professionals or you can choose your own. Having utmost confidence in your lender is important. Be sure you feel completely at ease with your lender. They should speak to you in easy to understand terms. Ask lots of questions and never ever sign any document until you know what you are signing and feel completely at ease signing it. More and more lending professionals are recommending fixed interest rate loans and interest rates are still very attractive. Of course, what type of loan is best for you depends on several factors.

Here are just a few:

How much money you have for a down payment?
How long you plan to live in the home?
Do you qualify for a FHA or VA loan?
Because more homes are on the market here in Orlando, Central Florida, your choices are plentiful and the time is right for you to buy!