Three Days Before Moving Day

Things To Get Ready 3 Days Ahead

Three Days Before Moving

  • Instant Aid Box : Pack a box for instant needs on arrival. Mark the box "To be loaded last and Unloaded first." Package each group of items separately in labeled paper bags.
    Here are some suggestions.
    Cleaning: Powdered detergent
    Sponge & Paper towels
    Dish towels & Dish cloth
    Kitchen cleanser & Window cleaner
    Scouring pads
    Kitchen : Paper plates, cups, napkins
    Plastic knives, forks, spoons
    Small saucepan & Serving spoons
    Aluminum foil & Snacks
    Easy-to-open cans of pudding
    Dry soup mix & Sandwich spreads
    Jars of cheese & Package of crackers
    Boxes of dry cereals
    Instant coffee, tea, chocolate
    Instant creamer, sugar, salt
    Bathroom : Towels and face cloths
    Toilet tissue
    Facial tissue
    Soap, hand lotion, deodorant
    Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    Miscellaneous : Reading materials
    Last-Minute Packing:
    Cellular telephone
    Light bulbs
    Hammer, screwdriver, pliers, assorted nails and screws
    Shelf paper
    Trash bags and ties
    Children :
    Coloring books and crayons
    A favorite toy or two
  • Complete the "Take-with-Me Inventory" checklist.
  • Check contents of drawers. Remove all things that can spill or break.
  • Soft goods such as blankets, pillows, blouses, shirts and lingerie may be left in drawers.
  • Pin clothing to hangers if it is to be moved in wardrobe cartons to keep it from slipping off.
  • Remove items left in the attic or other storage areas.
  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer so they can dry at least 24 hours before moving. Be careful not to overlook the defrost water pan. Failure to have the appliances completely dry can lead to mildew and unpleasant odor. For more information, request a free booklet, Moving Appliances and Other Home Furnishings, from United Van Lines.
  • Be sure the water is emptied from your steam iron. Launder all soiled clothing prior to the day the appliance service technician is expected.
  • Take the telephone directory with you for contacting former doctors, dentists, suppliers, etc., and for preparing holiday card lists.
  • Pack suitcases for the trip to the new home. Put in extra clothing for emergencies.
  • Consider packing a picnic lunch to eat while traveling. Take along snacks such as fruit and cookies for the children. Include towels for a quick cleanup.
  • Arrange for a baby-sitter for moving day, or have older children look after the younger ones