Two to Three Weeks Before Moving Day

Things To Get Ready 2 to 3 Weeks Ahead

Two to Three Weeks Before Moving

  • Let the post office know your moving date and new address. If you do not have a permanent address by the time you move, the post office will hold your mail and forward it upon written instructions from you.
  • Phone the local business office of the Telephone Company. They can make arrangements for service in your new home and, on request, give out your new number when your present number is called.
  • Contact all service companies as listed:
    Cable TV
  • Make family travel plans. Reserve air or rail transportation and hotel accommodations as needed. Discount Hotel reservations are available for Orlando Florida.
  • Have your car prepared for the trip-tires, brakes, lubrication, oil change, and tune-up-as needed.
  • Dispose of flammable materials such as fireworks, cleaning fluids, matches, acids, pressure cans or paint thinner. Drain oil and fuel from your power mower and other machinery. Discard partly used cans of oil, paint, syrup or any other substance that may leak.
  • Carefully tape-seal and place in individual waterproof bags any jars of liquids or semi-liquids you do not wish to discard.
  • Have rugs cleaned that are to be moved. Leave them rolled and wrapped when they are returned from the cleaners.
  • If draperies are to be moved, have them cleaned and ready for alterations that might be needed in your new home.
  • Collect items that are being cleaned stored or repaired (clothing, shoes, watches).
  • Empty your locker at any club you are a member of.
  • Return library books and anything borrowed from friends or neighbors. Also collect things you may have loaned.
  • Decide what to do with your houseplants.
  • Set a date with a reliable service person to prepare your appliances for shipment, preferably the day before the move. Depending on the appliance, post service may be needed for refrigerator, freezer, range, washer, dryer and others. For more information, request a free booklet, generally provided by most Home Removal companies.
  • Pianos and organs need to be prepared for moving by a specialized technician.
  • Make arrangements to have utilities disconnected on moving day:
    Plan to keep your telephone in service through moving day in case last minute calls are necessary.
  • Take pets to the veterinarian. Make sure identification tags are securely attached to the pet's collar.